Friday, March 11, 2011

Wiz Khalifa "Smokin' Strong" the mixtape (No DJ Version)

I'm sure most of you copped the "Cabin Fever" mixtape, which was the prequel to Wizs' upcoming debut album "Rolling Papers", due out March 29th. I wasn't impressed at all with Cabin Fever & was quite disappointed, so when I seen this project Smokin' Strong, which contains most of early material as well as songs from the upcoming album, plus some remixes & unreleased tracks, I was hesitant but gave it a chance. This is something you could replace Cabin Fever with, or just a nice edition to add to your Wiz collection.

Bluff from Custom Made Indicted for Wire Fraud May Face 20 Years

The emcee from the former Rawkus and Babygrande Records group is accused of taking over $1.5 million from 10 people in a money transfer scam.
Los Angeles, California emcee Bluff of Custom Made, appeared in a federal court March 7th, and was indicted for 15 counts of wire fraud. The emcee, born Briceson Loving, may face up to 20 years of prison time if convicted. According to a statement from Custom Made, "Federal prosecutors have accused 10 people of scamming $1.5 million out of victims throughout the US with an advanced fee scam that promised lavish inheritances if they paid money up front to facilitate the transfers."


Formed in 2007, Custom Made, a DXnext group, has released retail mixtapes and albums with Rawkus Records, Babygrande Records, and Coalmine Records.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Gets released from Prison

After doing a little over a 2 year stint in prison for gun charges, Prodigy from Mobb Deep gets released today. We're looking forward to hearing some upcoming interviews but more than anything, some more of that classic Mobb Deep. Prodigy also has a book coming out in April, entitled "My Infamous Life".